Heartfelt Yoga with Anja


7– 8.15pm   Strong Flow


12 – 1pm    Strong flow


9.30 – 10.45am  Restorative yoga

4.15 – 5pm Kids yoga 9-12yo


 “Yoga is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature.”

Everyone welcome to join!

Yoga mats, blankets and yoga blocks are provided. Suitable for all levels. Just show up and give it a go!

Cost: casual: $18;  six class pass $90; monthly pass $120
Contact: Anja on 021 02350601; anja@avida.co.nz

All classes held at the Ayurveda Wellness Centre, 28 Te Miti Street, Paekākāriki


Ayurveda and Seasonal Wellness for Spring

Sunday 19 September 2-4.30pm @ Te Aro Astanga Yoga Studio, Wellington

Come join us as we explore this ancient medical system and learn techniques for improving our wellbeing in the spring season.  We will discover some of the broader insights about the three main qualities of energy (doshas) we distinguish in Ayurveda and then focus on the Kapha (earth and water element) dosha which is dominant in spring. Kapha doasha is closely linked to your immune system, lymphatic system, lungs and a healthy weight. You will learn practical tips on how to balance your Kapha energy and enhance your inner equilibrium.

This workshop is facilitated by Anja Foley, an experienced Ayurveda consultant, yoga teacher and the owner of the Ayurveda Wellness Centre.

$65 per person

Bookings required via 02102350601 or anja@avida.co.nz

Yoga Day Retreat

Saturday 2 October  10am – 4pm

An exploration of the Chakras – Anahata (Heart) Chakra

Treat yourself to a one-day yoga retreat at the beautiful yoga studio in Paekākāriki. This is the perfect way to take time out and boost your energy levels in peaceful surroundings. This is the fourth event in a series of seven day-retreats. At the heart of these day retreats is the exploration of the chakra system and how each chakra resonates within ourselves. We will be working with the heart chakra aspects of love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness through asanas, breath, meditation, a nature walk, guided relaxation and a nourishing lunch. The knowledge and practice of the chakra system offer a valuable opportunity to develop our human consciousness.

 What to expect:

  • a morning yoga session with asanas that have a specific harmonising effect on the heart chakra
  • talk about the chakra system
  • a delicious organic vegetarian lunch
  • a nature walk with pranayama practice and guided meditation
  • deep relaxation during a restorative afternoon yoga session
  • Come and join this blissful day!
  • Bookings required: 021 023 50601 or email anja@avida.co.nz
  • Cost: $120

Next day retreat Saturday 27 November (Throat Chakra) 


Kirtan chanting evening

Every 2nd Saturday per month 7- 9pm
Kirtan is a call-and-response practice of yogic chanting or musical conversation with live musicians. The audience in encouraged to either repeat the chant or to reply to the call of the singer.  The practice of kirtan is accompanied by different musical instruments such as the harmonium, guitar, tabla (one-sided drums), mrdanga (two-sided drum), flute and cymbals. A beautifully uplifting evening.
Next Kirtan dates: 9 Oct, 13 Nov and 11 Dec
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