Sending you the best wishes for the new year. I just want to express my gratitude...there's no easy way. I feel transformed. I felt like it was a groundbreaking year and I want to thank you for a massive part that you played in that.Abbe from Titahi Bay

Dear friends of Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda teaches us that ojas and strong immunity are the natural outcomes of good health, which depends on a robust agni (digestive fire/metabolism), a healthy diet, a supportive lifestyle and a balanced nervous system.

I feel that the current world situation is calling each one of us to use our inherent skills and gifts to contribute to peace and healing. It may be beneficial to ask yourself: are you doing all that you reasonably can to be in optimal health?

Being healthy is your personal responsibility. You taking care of your health rises out of self-love and the discipline of daily self-care. So, choose your health in a conscious, informed and grounded way so that your immune system will be better able to handle a bout or two of COVID19 or any other infections.

Here are some down-to-earth things you can do to support your metabolic health and to strengthen your immune system:

1.  Ensure quality sleep – for most people, this means anywhere between 7 and 10 restful hours per night.  Be aware that ingesting caffeine or alcohol in the afternoon or evening typically erodes sleep quality.  Do everything necessary to wake up feeling refreshed, even if this means having to sleep in a separate bed.  For most people using black-out curtains help and staying away from back-lit devices after 9pm as they interfere with your melatonin production. For deep rest turn off all transmitting devices and practice good sleep hygiene. Best to stop intake of food and liquids 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

  1. Focus on nutrient-dense whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, different grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, dairy, high quality fats/oils and honey. Choose organic when and if you can. Chew your meals well and eat in peace and silence without any distractions. Eat regularly. Minimize your intake of sugar, alcohol and highly processed foods as well as left overs. Don’t overeat. Enjoy your food!


    3.  Exercise daily. Enough to perspire and keep your body feeling conditioned and strong.

    4.  Make time to breathe deeply from your abdomen for at least 1 minute, multiple times per day, preferably outdoors in fresh air. With each inhalation, strive to fill every lobe of your lungs with oxygen. With every exhalation, aim to empty every last segment of your lungs of carbon dioxide.

    5.  Ensure that you are getting enough sunshine, vitamin D and vitamin C.

    6.  Spend time with people and/or doing activities that bring you genuine happiness and joy. Feeling fulfilled and light-hearted are important components for your immune system.

    7. Spend time in nature. Nature is a great healer. Forest bathing is a trend that is gaining popularity around the globe.

    8. Frequently expose yourself to heat and cold by spending time in a sauna or steam room as well as cold water showers or a dip into the ocean. Reap the benefits of increased metabolism, reduced inflammation and increased immune response.

    9. Minimize the amount of energy you give to anything that brings you down, including people and media feeds that leave you feeling upset or anxious.

    10. Stay away from fear. Fear and anxiety have energetically very low vibrations. Negative moods contract the mind. This contraction dries ojas and has a diminishing effect on your immune system. If a negative emotion has not yet been digested or metabolised, it is still lodged in the heart and mind. This resistance in letting go, breeds fear and anger, making the consciousness heavy and rigid.

    11. Minimize stress is an important strategy in preserving your ojas and boosting your immune system. Remember that your body’s reaction to a stressful (or potentially life threatening) situation is to Fight, Flight or Freeze. This means your body reallocates vital resources to ensure your immediate survival. Re-asses your life, what causes you stress at the moment?

    12.  Strive to be a kind and helpful presence to those around you, even strangers. Kindness, love, compassion, understanding and gratitude are all virtues that carry a high vibrational frequency and support healing.

    13. Anchor yourself in a daily spiritual practice to connect to your inner light and to keep your vibrations high. Trust that you have the in-built power to heal, to change, to grow, to transform and to be free. Remember that you are complete as you are. You are divine by nature.

If you are interested in receiving more information about prevention and early treatment of COVID19 from an Ayurvedic perspective, send me an email.

With the above in mind, I am choosing to spend my precious life energy doing all I can to stay healthy and to be a positive force in my circle of life.

Sending love to you all