Sending you the best wishes for the new year. I just want to express my gratitude...there's no easy way. I feel transformed. I felt like it was a groundbreaking year and I want to thank you for a massive part that you played in that. Abbe from Titahi Bay

Happy New Year!

May this be a year of healing, connecting and awakening.

A physician once said “The best medicine for humans is Love.” Someone asked “What if it doesn’t work?” He smiled and said “Increase the dose”.

If you need more Love in your life this year, then open your heart for this energetic transmission broadcasting the Frequency of Love brought to you by my friend and colleague Tori Bassett. You can listen to the transmission here.

How about setting a new year’s intention to stay in high frequency vibrations such as pure joy, inner peace, love, appreciation and gratitude regardless of what external circumstances may bring? Seeing the blessings that each difficulty can bring, trusting that inner voice, restoring balance, fostering a deep connection and reverence to the land and nature is where we can anchor ourselves this year in order to create more harmony, more coherence and more unity in this wild and precious time on Earth.

It is an honour to walk this path of healing and transformation together with you and to accompany you on your journey.

Love always