Sending you the best wishes for the new year. I just want to express my gratitude...there's no easy way. I feel transformed. I felt like it was a groundbreaking year and I want to thank you for a massive part that you played in that. Abbe from Titahi Bay

Warm mid winter greetings to you all

Winter is the season where the days become shorter as we face the long nights, a gentle time to contemplate our shadows within the safety of hibernation. This is the time where we can drop our exuberant summer robes and become more reflective and still as we transition closer to being pure Spirit once more.

Ayurvedically, the space and air elements increase during this time of the year which affect our Vāta. To keep balanced stay warm, eat warm meals, drink warm water or herbal teas, dress warm ideally in hues of yellow orange and red, keep a candle or fire burning in your home, put an effort into maintaining warm loving relationships with your family and friends, oil your body with warm sesame oil and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

We celebrate this season with a winter solstice on the 21 June, a winter retreat from 15 to 18 July and a series of home remedy workshops to enhance your self-healing knowledge. See the ‘workshop’ page for more info.

It is an honour to walk this path of healing and transformation together with you and to accompany you on your journey.

Love always