Healing through Covid

Prevention and Natural Immunity

Ayurveda’s view on the immune system. How to strengthen your natural immunity:

Ayurveda’s view on immunity

Tips and tricks for your daily life:

Immunity enhancing tips


Herbal remedies

Treatment of Covid19

Find the Ayurvedic perspective on how to treat Covid19 in the initial 7 days of infection here plus treatment protocols from doctors around the world

Covid19 Ayurvedic treatment protocol


Vaccine info & injuries

What you need to know about the Covid19 injection

The most common adverse reactions

Number of injuries and deaths post vaccination

Covid19 vaccine info

Covid19 vaccination for children

Covid19 vaccine info for children


Healing post vaccination

Learn about the most effective treatments to restore your health with Shirodhara, Body Talk, Acupuncture, Scio, Brain Gym

Ayurvedic approach to vaccine injury and shedding

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